• Welcome to U-turn!

    Feel free to browse around and learn what U-turn is all about!
  • 4 Reasons why you should come to U-turn

  • We are on fire for God!

    Our ever burning fire for God is always rubbing off on other people. If its Praise and Worship or just talking to other people, you can definitely tell we are burning for God.
  • The communitys' great!

  • You'll love our Pastor!

    Tom Hooks, our Pastor, is always joking around and makes great sermons. "I am a follower of Christ". "I am also a husband to an amazing woman named Christina and a father to 3 amazing children Thomas, Priscilla and Jonathan." "I get to serve an amazing group of students at U-Turn."
  • You'll love our band!

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About U-turn


About U-turn

What is U-Turn about? Three words Reach, Relate and Renew. That's it.

  • Reach - To reach other students with God's love.
  • Relate - To relate to them personally the wonderful news that God Loves them.
  • Renew - Giving God and opportunity to renew their lives.

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